Question: Are the instrumentals really free ?

Answer: All the instrumentals are available to download free, some instrumentals do require action such as sharing a link or completing an offer in order to receive your download.

Question: What can I use the instrumentals for?

Answer: Instrumentals can be used as backing tracks for your songs, videos, games etc. All details can be found in the license agreement.

Question: What format are the instrumentals in?

Answer: All our instrumentals are in mp3 format.

Question: How do I remove the voice tag on the instrumental?

Answer: You can remove the voice tag by completing the required action, then downloading the instrumental from the website. The download page will have the content locked, it must be unlocked by completing the required action, such as sharing a link or completing an offer.

Question: Can I sell copies of my song which uses an instrumental from the website?

Answer: You can sell up to 5000 copies of your song. If sales exceed this amount an additional license will be required. Please contact a member of our team if you have queries regarding this matter.

Question: Is there a limit on the amount of instrumentals I can download?

Answer: No, you can download as many instrumentals as you like.

Question: Are new instrumentals uploaded to the website?

Answer: Yes we have a huge collection of instrumentals that we'll be uploading frequently. © 2011 - 2023 All rights reserved | #AllWeNeedIsLove